Simple Past - Irregular Verbs - Crossword

{ 6 may. 2011 }

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Anónimo dijo...

My name's Jennifer.
I'm ten years old.
I'm a student at Narciso Brito school.
I've got a broter. His name is Alejandro and he'sellven years old.
I like playing tenis.
my favrite food is sausanges and chips.
My favorite subject is art.
My best friend are Paola, Nadine and Elaine.
Can you write about you?
see you soon!

aythamy dijo...

It's big. It swims and dives. It's a mammal. It eats fish. It lives in all oceans of the planet. It's very friendly. What is it? Its dolphin

aythamy dijo...

It's a bird. It isn't big. It swims but it doesn't fly. It lives almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. It eats krill, fish, squid, and other forms of sealife caught while swimming underwater. What is it? I´ts pinguin

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