What do you have for breakfast?

{ 31 ene. 2013 }

  • Every day I have some orange juice, a cup of milk and coffee, some toasts and a banana.
  • I don´t have any honey.

What about your breakfast?

What's your favourite story?

{ 24 ene. 2013 }

My favourite story is Eragon”, written by Christopher Paolini.
The story is about dragons and a mythical island.
I like this story because there are magical creatures.
My favourite character is the dragon.

What's your favourite story?

What's your favourite film?

{ 17 ene. 2013 }

My favourite film is "The Chronicles of Narnia".
The story is about  the mythical land of Narnia.
I like the film because there are lots of amazing mythical creatures and clever special effects too.
My favourite character is the lion.

Write about your favourite film.

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{ 16 ene. 2013 }

Click on here: WordReference Games

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{ 14 ene. 2013 }