Inventors & Inventions

{ 15 abr. 2013 }

Mr Converse invented basketball shoes.
A boy called Philo Farnsworth invented the first electronic TV when he was only 15 years old.

Quiz about Youtubers by Yennifer and Lucas

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Página principal de YouTube
Página principal de YouTube

Quiz of youtubers
Who has 1 million subscribers?

(c)The Rubius

Who climbs up 3 videos daily?
(a)The Rubius
(C) xbotable

Who plays black ops 2?
(c) Mangel Rogel

Who plays the plays The Hunger Games?

(c)Nyan Cat

Who makes blogs for youtube?

(a) Thous and JPelirrojo
(b) Mangel Rogel and xbotable
(c) Willyrex and xbotable

What's your unusual flavour?

{ 12 abr. 2013 }

I love ice cream and unusual flavours. Surprise me!

Minecraft Quiz by Luke & Alberto

{ 1 abr. 2013 }

My Quiz
My quiz is about minecraft
How to make a pick
(a)two sticks and 3 wood       
(b)one stick and 3 wood
(c)two sticks and two wood
How to make a bed
(a)two wood and 3 wool               
 (b)three wood and 3 wool
(c)three wood and 4 wool

How to make a stone axe
     (a)three stone and 2 sticks           
  (b)two stone and two sticks
(c)2 sticks and 1000 stone

How to make a diamond sword 
(a)two diamonds and 1 stick     
 (b)one diamond and two sticks
(c)three diamonds and 1 stick

Write about your city

{ 11 mar. 2013 }

I live in ...
Where I live there's...
There isn't...

Some or Any...

{ 2 mar. 2013 }

Was or Were?

{ 27 feb. 2013 }

My Favourite Dish

{ 7 feb. 2013 }

My favourite dish is my grandmother's squids.

List of ingredients:
- Squids
- Red pepper
- Green pepper
- Onion
- Oil
- Water
- Salt
- And a secret ingredient ...
By Ariday

What do you have for breakfast?

{ 31 ene. 2013 }

  • Every day I have some orange juice, a cup of milk and coffee, some toasts and a banana.
  • I don´t have any honey.

What about your breakfast?

What's your favourite story?

{ 24 ene. 2013 }

My favourite story is Eragon”, written by Christopher Paolini.
The story is about dragons and a mythical island.
I like this story because there are magical creatures.
My favourite character is the dragon.

What's your favourite story?

What's your favourite film?

{ 17 ene. 2013 }

My favourite film is "The Chronicles of Narnia".
The story is about  the mythical land of Narnia.
I like the film because there are lots of amazing mythical creatures and clever special effects too.
My favourite character is the lion.

Write about your favourite film.

Interesting site for you

{ 16 ene. 2013 }

Click on here: WordReference Games

Write your comment!

{ 14 ene. 2013 }

What is your favourite Wise Man?

{ 21 dic. 2012 }

My favourite Wise Man is ...