The Amazon Rainforest

{ 28 feb. 2012 }
Interesting links about the Amazon Rainforest for you:

Do You Like My Pet?

{ 10 feb. 2012 }

It’s short. It’s from Asia. It eats everything. It’s omnivorous. It doesn't like dogs. What is it?

* First clue: George Clooney, the famous actor, had got one called Charlie for eighteen years.

Another Mysterious Pet (II)

{ 9 feb. 2012 }

It's a bird. It isn't big. It swims but it doesn't fly. It lives almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. It eats krill, fish, squid, and other forms of sealife caught while swimming underwater. What is it?

Answer: It's a penguin.


Another Mysterious Pet

{ }

It's very big. It's a mammal. It eats fruit and leaves. It lives in forests in Africa. It climbs trees. What is it?

* New clue: It's a filmstar.

*Second clue: King Kong is the most famous.

The Mysterious Pet

{ }

It's big. It swims and dives. It's a mammal. It eats fish. It lives in all oceans of the planet. It's very friendly. What is it?

Answer: It's a dolphin.

Congratulations for the winners!